The I-77 Express Lanes are dedicated express lanes between Charlotte and Mooresville that run adjacent to the general purpose lanes on I-77 (from Exit 11 on I-277 to Exit 36 on N.C. 150). These lanes allow drivers to travel more quickly, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion on the highway’s general purpose lanes.

The prices to use the express lanes are set by I-77 Mobility Partners. I-77 Mobility Partners uses dynamic pricing, meaning that prices fluctuate based on the average speed and number of drivers in express lanes to ensure traffic in the lanes is flowing.

Prices may go up or down, depending upon the amount of traffic in the express lanes, but drivers are notified of the price they will pay on the toll pricing signs prior to entering any segment of the express lanes. To learn more, visit I-77 Mobility Partners.

The express lanes are divided into toll segments with 11 dedicated entrance and exit points and two direct connector ramps to safely guide vehicles in and out of the lanes.

The express lanes will have a total of 11 entry and exit points along the 26-mile corridor. Toll charges are applied when the driver enters each tolling segment.

The rate that is displayed on the pricing sign as you enter the express lanes is the rate charged, regardless of whether the rate changes while you are driving within a toll segment.

Direct connector ramps provide direct access to the express lanes from existing roads. One direct connector ramp is accessible from Hambright Road, located between exits 19 and 23. The other direct connector ramp is located on Lakeview Road, between exits 16 and 18.

If you require assistance, if possible, safely maneuver your vehicle out of the moving traffic and onto the shoulder. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and phone I-77 Express’ complimentary roadside assistance.

If you are in a traffic accident, please contact 911.

Free HOV (high occupancy vehicle) travel is available for drivers who plan on using the I-77 Express Lanes after setting their HOV status with three or more people in the car. If a driver travels in the express lanes without setting HOV status, they will receive an invoice in the mail with the posted toll rate or pay the toll with their prepaid account. 

It’s never been easier to set your HOV status. Here’s how: 

NC Quick Pass Flex 
  • Set HOV status with the NC Quick Pass Flex, costs $16.49  
  • Works in 19 states 
  • Set HOV status immediately 
  • Need to have three of more people in the car. 
  • Setting HOV status 
    • Slide the transponder’s switch all the way to the right to display “HOV ON” before entering the express lanes. 
    • The transponder will beep once to confirm the status is set. 
NC Quick Pass App  
  • Set HOV status with the free, NC Quick Pass app available on the Apple App Store and through Google Play 
  • Works with all NC Quick Pass transponders 
  • Need to set HOV status 15 minutes before travel 
  • Need to have three of more people in the car 
  • Setting HOV status  
    • Any NC Quick Pass transponder must be installed in the car 
    • Schedule your HOV trip 15 minutes before travel 
      • After you login to your account, select the Set HOV Status button 
      • Select the Ok button if you agree 
      • On the HOV Dashboard, select the Set HOV button for the vehicle you would like to  travel in 
      • Select the Continue button if you agree  
      • Select the timeframe you would like to set HOV status 
      • Select the Activate HOV button 

First responder vehicles: All first responders with an account and properly installed NC Quick Pass First Responder sticker are eligible for free travel in the I-77 Express Lanes while responding to emergencies for law enforcement, fire, rescue and medical services. 

Registered transit vehicles: Transit vehicles with an NC Quick Pass Transit account and properly installed NC Quick Pass transponder qualify for free travel in the I-77 Express Lanes.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles automatically qualify for free travel in the I-77 Express Lanes; a transponder is not required.

Hybrid and electric vehicles: Hybrid or electric vehicles do not qualify for free travel in the I-77 Express Lanes unless there are three or more people in the vehicle and the account holder has set their HOV status on the transponder or with the app. 

Extended vehicles: Extended vehicles do not qualify for free travel in the I-77 Express Lanes. Two-axle vehicles, with or without a one-axle trailer, and greater than 22 feet in length are considered extended vehicles. 

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