Follow these steps to install your transponder before you hit the road.

Close up of NC Quick Pass transponder on windshield

1. Clean

Clean and dry the inner surface of the windshield where the transponder will be placed.

NC Quick Pass Exterior – Clean and dry the front license plate mounting bracket.

2. Prepare

Remove any protective backing from the transponder. Avoid touching any adhesive that may be on the back (depending on which transponder you received).

3. Place

Place the transponder on the windshield near the rear view mirror around 4 inches from the roof line and 4 inches away from any electronic devices. Press down firmly to ensure the transponder is securely adhered to the windshield.

Do not move or adjust a sticker transponder once it has been installed.

NC Quick Pass Exterior – Align the holes on the transponder with the vehicle’s front license plate holes.