NC Quick Pass wants to get it right every time, but when we don’t, we want to fix it.  Our customers can dispute any toll transaction on a toll facility in North Carolina. To avoid liability, additional fees and penalties, disputes must be submitted within 30 days of the date on the NC Quick Pass statement or Bill by Mail invoice. After 30 days, the customer waives their right to dispute any and all tolls listed on the statement or invoice.

Follow these steps to dispute a toll

1. Complete the contact us form with the necessary information.

2. Select toll dispute as your reason for contact.

3. Provide details about the toll in question and any additional information or attachments.

If you would like to dispute a toll in person, please fill out the toll dispute form and bring it to the customer service center closest to you.

Out-of-state disputes

If you would like to dispute tolls charged outside of North Carolina please contact the appropriate agency in that state.