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First Responders

​First Responder Account Policy

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In accordance with state law and NC Quick Pass business policies, the North Carolina Turnpike Authority (AUTHORITY) allows the exemption of tolls for law enforcement, emergency, fire, rescue and emergency medical services vehicles (first responder vehicles) responding to emergency situations on all North Carolina toll facilities. (See N.C.G.S. 136-89.211(2).) Vehicles that fit into this category are required to submit a First Responder account application for review and approval by the AUTHORITY.

All vehicles listed on the account must be officially registered to the service organization applying for the account. The AUTHORITY may request a copy of the vehicle registration for any vehicles listed on the First Responder account. Any vehicles not officially registered to the service organization will be subject to immediate removal from the First Responder account and the AUTHORITY may charge the organization for any tolls incurred by these unauthorized vehicles. Unauthorized use of a First Responder account may also subject the account to suspension or permanent closure by the AUTHORITY.

The AUTHORITY may deny any application if the organization does not utilize vehicles within the parameters outlined in N.C.G.S 136-89.211(2). The AUTHORITY may terminate an account at any time as a result of non-compliance.


To obtain a non-revenue account, please fill out an application.

Dispute Process

A service organization that has received an NC Quick Pass invoice in error, should contact the NC Quick Pass Customer Service Center for a First Responder Dispute Form. Please have the invoice number and vehicle license plate information ready.

10/10/2018 2:42 PM

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