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General Disputes

    • I have an NC Quick Pass personal/business account. Why did I receive a bill in the mail?

      You could receive a bill if your transponder is not detected on the toll road and your license plate is not listed on your NC Quick Pass account. (Transponders typically are not detected because they are mounted improperly.)

      You could also receive a bill if your transponder was deactivated due to a zero or negative balance. If your account balance has insufficient funds, NC Quick Pass automatically suspends your account, deactivates your transponder and notifies you by mail or email.

      • Toll transactions are processed through the higher Bill by Mail toll rate until the account is reinstated.
      • To reinstate your account, you must pay all outstanding toll charges, processing fees and civil penalties (if applicable). You must also replenish the required pre-paid account balance.
      • Accounts with outstanding tolls or fees on the same license plate or another plate from the same address cannot be reinstated.

7/23/2018 12:19 PM

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