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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is an NC Quick Pass transponder account?

      A transponder account is a pre-paid account used for all electronic toll collection. It is one way to pay for driving on North Carolina toll facilities. (Bill by Mail is another method to pay for tolls in North Carolina.) 

      Drivers can sign up for a transponder from NC Quick Pass and set up a pre-paid personal or business account to receive up to a 35 percent discount off the Bill by Mail rate and have the ability to set High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) status in the I-77 Express Lanes with the NC Quick Pass E-ZPass Flex transponder or any NC Quick Pass transponder using the NC Quick Pass HOV App or website. 

      If drivers do want a pre-paid transponder account used to pay tolls in North Carolina and only plan to use the I-77 Express Lanes toll-free with three or more people in the vehicle, they are able to sign up for an HOV account. Drivers with an HOV account must set HOV status through the NC Quick Pass HOV App or website to travel toll-free in the I-77 Express Lanes when the occupancy requirement is met. The HOV account cannot be used to pay for tolls on the I-77 Express Lanes or on other North Carolina toll roads.‚Äč

      Choose the NC Quick Pass transponder option that best fits your travel needs.

7/23/2018 12:22 PM

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