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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What if I don't pay my NC Quick Pass toll charges?

      If you do not pay your initial bill in full by its due date, the unpaid toll transactions on the initial invoice will escalate on the subsequent invoice and will be subject to processing fees and civil penalties through the issuance of the subsequent succeeding invoices.

      Invoice Escalation Process

      InvoiceCustomer Payment
      First Invoice

      Only tolls incurred

      Second Invoice

      Previous invoice balance

      Processing fee

      Any new tolls incurred

      Subsequent Invoices

      Previous invoice balance

      Processing fee

      Civil penalty

      Any new tolls incurred

      Fees & Penalties

      Invoice Processing Fee$6*Charged for invoices unpaid after 30 days from invoice date
      Civil Penalty$25Charged for invoices unpaid after 60 days from invoice date

      * Subject to change based upon cost to collect

      Failure to pay tolls, processing fees and any civil penalties is grounds for the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles to withhold a vehicle owner's ability to renew the vehicle's registration. The potential for a registration hold is noted on all future invoices sent to the customer for unpaid tolls, fees and penalties. The registration hold will not be released until the balance is paid in full.

      Out-of-state customers with unpaid tolls, fees and penalties are not subject to NCDMV registration hold. The unpaid balance, however, is sent to a collection agency.

7/23/2018 12:22 PM

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